Asperger’s Syndrome: My Emotions are a Jackson Pollock’s Painting

My emotional state right now! Convergence by Jackson Pollock. Image property of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

As an autistic woman and contrary to the common belief: my emotions are intense, co-existing, intricated, complex like colors in a Jackson Pollock’s painting. However, when I’m facing an autistic metdown or shutdown, I don’t feel anything anymore and  they can be compared as a Yves Klein’s blue monochrome.

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Aspergers: What I Keep to Myself

muet, pas un mot

Over the years, I’ve learn, using an trial and error approach, what to keep for myself in order to avoid hurting feelings of someone I love, look eccentric,weird or pretentious at family reunions. I’ve learned over the years to hide my hyper/hypo sensitivities. I wrote a non exhaustive list of  what I keep to myself.

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