Sticky note to myself. Never forget your true self: a female with Aspergers

Aspergers in female

An autistic brain in a female body. Being a female with Aspergers

After my heart-breaking divorce, I’m starting to have feelings for someone. It might be a dangerous path for me, the aspergirl who is able to drown in any female character in order to be loved back with a high risk of losing my own identity. Therefore, I have decided to write me a sticky note as a warning that I could refer to anytime.

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To my ex’s next girlfriend

Searching for peace. 


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It has been four months since my husband and I split up. My house is not yet sold. My ex-husband still leave there with half of our furniture. I drop my daugther off there every two week-ends. Every two weeks, I ring the bell of my own house, I say hi to my ex which sounds weird. When I get into the house, I feel like I am a stranger to my own life. I have a glimpse around and can recognize some familiar pieces of furniture, the doormat on which I used to wipe my feet after a hard day at work. Then, I firmly hug my daugther while automatically saying « see you in a couple of days, sweetheart » and I get back into the car. I drive away from my dream house, away from this fairy tale that I built brick by brick by means of huge efforts and hard work: a happy family, warm home, financial comfort, deep and inconditional love. After many weeks, I get used to drive away my own house,  feeling this intense sorrow fading away while pushing the gas pedal.

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