Sticky note to myself. Never forget your true self: a female with Aspergers

Aspergers in female

An autistic brain in a female body. Being a female with Aspergers

After my heart-breaking divorce, I’m starting to have feelings for someone. It might be a dangerous path for me, the aspergirl who is able to drown in any female character in order to be loved back with a high risk of losing my own identity. Therefore, I have decided to write me a sticky note as a warning that I could refer to anytime.

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F**k Aspergers

Sorry, this post’s title is rude but you know what? This is my space and I just want to shout loudly: f*ck Aspergers.

Today is one of these days when I’m tired of being an aspie. Being autistic defines who I am, what I can not do (a lot). Having Aspergers makes me exhausted all the time…

That doesn’t mean I don’t accept myself. I’d just like to press the OFF button to turn  my handicap off and feel free to be without thinking ahead how to avoid a meltdown or a shutdown.


Today is one of these days I hate being autistic. That’s all I want to say.