About me

Aspipistrelle is hiding. (c) Aspipistrelle


I am a french woman diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age 34. I’ve got a PhD in physics and work as a researcher in a large science institute. I am also a mother of a gifted girl named Marianne born in 2011.

I used to eat french cheese, baguette and drink (a lot of) wine but not anymore. Unfortunately, I developed numerous allergies (dairy, gluten, sulfites, honey) during my pregnancy which force me to travel with my luggage full of food if I don’t want to starve or die from anaphylactic shock! Mmmh…convenient!

I lived in Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany before heading back to France to give birth to my child. The first three years of my daughter’s childhood were so difficult that I thought she was autistic considering lists of symptoms found on the internet. Surprisingly, I could also recognize myself in the description of autistic women with Asperger’s syndrome. This is how I decided to officially get diagnosed. I also realized that my father might also have Aspergers (very luckily according to all the symptoms he shows). Then, my daughter was diagnosed with giftedness. Today, she doesn’t show  any remaining symptoms of autism which is very puzzling to me.

I started this blog (french version) at the beginning of this journey throughout diagnosis. I’m aiming at bringing awareness on my condition as autistic woman, mother, spouse and colleague.

I’d like to stay anonymous, to protect my child and my family and avoid troubles at work from colleagues and hierarchy. That’s why I use the pseudonym « Aspipistrelle » which is a contraction of the word « aspi » and « pipistrelle » in french. A pipistrelle is a bat (pipistrellus) that is my favorite animal. I actually have a big bat tattoo on my back.

What else?

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Please, pardon me for my bad language skills. You know…french people and english…